The word “pranidhana” translates as devotion or surrender. This album is a melding of my roots, my years of vocal study, and my devotion to the path of yoga, the path of union. With the help of Clinton Patterson and an array of skilled musicians, I hope to touch the hearts of practitioners on all paths. A portion of proceeds will benefit Yoga Gives Back, an organization that mobilizes the yoga community in order to provide micro financing, education, and support to women and children in India.

Chant translations can be found here.

Press for pranidhana:

“Each musical choice gracefully supports the authentic devotion in Pranidhi’s clear and resonant voice as she sings each of the shlokas.”

-Joe Kara, of LA Yoga Magazine. Check out the full review here.

“I’ve been in Pranidhi’s class when she opens with her stunning voice. Her tones are rich and peaceful—on the CD with light musical accompaniment.”

-Bobbie, of The Confluence Countdown. Check out the full post about why we learn mantras in ashtanga here.

Pranidhi Varshney is an artist. One of the best parts of the class was listening to her beautiful, clear, soulful singing. It was mesmerizing.

Her album was released a month ago but with the advent of fall I thought it deserved another boost.  This music isn’t just for people who are into yoga. These mantras will touch you much  more than generic relaxation music. If you let them, they will lift your spirits.  What could be more essential for these challenging times?”

-Mildred Lewis, of Lifting As We Climb. Check out the full post here.